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The Next Generation Doesn't Have to Share Our Last Name

We will leave our legacy by helping build the next generation of farmers

The next generation at CCI may never be our own children, but we can still pass on our knowledge, skills and passion to multiple generations.

Dan's last day with us was January 29, 2020 (far left). He had been with us for six years- during every trial and growing pain of operating a 1st generation dairy farm.

He's starting his own dairy farm with his wife, Caressa in Pennsylvania.

I was upset at first to learn he wanted to do such a thing, but I reminded myself to bite my tongue, as we had been in his shoes 11 years ago. People called us crazy, stupid and told us we'd be back to my family farm within a year (you see how that worked out).

I have faith that Dan and Caressa will be successful. He was taught by one of the best- The Cow Whisperer himself, Super Dave, a.k.a. my husband.

Taking his place is Matthew (far right). Another young, optimistic farmer who wants to have his own farm some day. We're proud to take these young people in, teach them what we know, learn with them and help each other succeed.

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